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Donate hardware. Help children in the Netherlands play and exercise.

About IT4Kids 

The IT4Kids Foundation is committed to children for whom sports and games can’t be taken for granted. The Netherlands is one of the richest countries in the world. Yet more than 423,000 children grow up in a family that has to live on a subsistence minimum, which is no less than 1 in 8 children. Many children in this group miss the opportunity to exercise. Values ​​and skills such as respect, resilience, cooperation, dealing with loss are learned when participating in sports. Values ​​and skills that are so important in every phase of our lives. IT4Kids believes every child should participate!


IT4Kids collects used and written-off hardware and donates, on behalf of the donor, its value to charity projects that work with children.

"If everyone donates their depreciated hardware, every child in the Netherlands will have the opportunity to play sports!"

- Founder Jordy Kool

Mission and vision

Every child should have the opportunity to play and exercise

Every child must be able to participate in sports and games. Sport is an outlet, sport is fun and above all, sport is good for a child's development. You build #skills4life by exercising with peers. Such as: discipline, working together, self-confidence, respect and mental toughness.


The IT4Kids Foundation helps by supporting various charity projects that give children a sports opportunity, children who, from their home situation, have fewer opportunities to develop on a sports level.


Our vision

By 2030, we want all children who can’t exercise (for physical or financial reasons) to have the opportunity to participate in sports.

Our core values

The board and volunteers of IT4Kids have jointly defined the following core values, which determine their own actions.


Sport is more than an outlet. Sport gives children the opportunity to develop #skills4life. We are also an organization with a focus on development and innovation.


We see it as our task to share knowledge about the importance of sport for the child and to make companies aware of the value of their depreciated / old hardware, so that they can offer children a sports opportunity.


We believe that people can make beautiful things together and that’s why we connect our network. We work with charities and partners who share our vision. We have one thing in common: we believe that every child deserves a (sports) opportunity!


Sustainability is what drives us. Our goal is always to give children a sustainable sports opportunity. In addition, all hardware gets a second life or is environmentally friendly recycled. Our way of working is always sustainable for the environment.


IT4Kids - Public Benefit Organization (ANBI)


On the 8th of July of 2015 IT4Kids obtained its Public Benefit Organization (ANBI) status. This means that IT4Kids has been recognized as an official charity by the government, making it possible for donors, with retroactive effect, to deduct the gifts and donations to IT4Kids from income tax from January 2015.


What is a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI) status?

The government encourages gifts and donations to charities and wants to promote giving and donating to recognized charities. For this reason, the government offers the option of deducting gifts and donations from income tax. Recognized charities therefore receive the status of Public Benefit Organization (ANBI). There are two conditions attached to deductibility:


1. Only the amount of gifts / donations that exceeds 1% of the own threshold income and of any tax partner, can be deducted. The amount to be deducted must also amount to at least € 60.


2. Also, the maximum deduction is 10% of the / both aggregate income.


Jordy Kool
Founder & Chairman


Martijn van Rijn


Marlissa van der Kamp


Colette Zee


Aat van de Polder

Fundraiser bestuur

Vincent van Voorden

Project Manager

Annelotte van Berkel 


Lara Kool 


Advisory board

Ton van Garderen - Apple

Marco Hoogerland - Talentenacademie

Ruben Houkes - Schooljudo

Liesbeth Pruijs - The Next Level

Nathalie Moser - BRNDRZ

Rik Stikkelbroeck - Hogenhouck M&A

Eugene Tuijnman - SLTN