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Donate hardware. Help children in the Netherlands play and exercise.

With all the donated hardware and individual donations, we can make a great contribution every year to the projects of charities that are committed to children who do not have the opportunity to exercise. We believe that every child deserves a (sports) opportunity. The charity projects we support contribute to the development of children's #skills4life.


See below the projects we support:

In 2019, together with Schooljudo, we let 2,931 children practise judo.


These children come from 26 different schools in lower social economic neighborhoods. During 8 weeks the children receive lessons with a focus on developing #skills4life.

Together with the Krajicek foundation, we were able to have more than 300 girls playing sports in 2019!


The Krajicek Girls Event is a sports event for girls between 10 and 16 years old. During the Girls Event they can exercise in an environment with only girls and this way get to know our sports.


We will support this project again in 2020.

Together, IT4Kids and FC Utrecht help children in Utrecht and surroundings to do more exercise. Twelve times a year, a special week is organized in collaboration with the municipality. During these weeks, football clinics are organized for children under the age of 12. The children will have the unique opportunity to train FC Utrecht-style. In total, at least 500 children will do exercise.

It is often difficult for children with a physical disability who use a walking aid (walker or e.g. Caddy) to find a suitable sport.


One of the possibilities is the relatively new sport Frame football. Frame football is an adapted way of playing football, so that even children who can’t participate in a "regular" or football 7-a-side team with running players, can still play football.

With our donation in 2019, we jointly let approx. 300 children exercise.

Jeugdfonds Sport & Cultuur pays the contribution / tuition fees for more than 80,000 children and young people from families where there is not enough money for football, music lessons, dance, judo, theater, swimming or any other sports or creative lesson.


In addition to the collaboration with the national Jeugdfonds Sport & Cultuur, the local funds will also be using the innovative way of fundraising of IT4Kids. The funds will collect as much hardware as possible from companies in their network.