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Donate your hardware and give children a sustainable (sports) opportunity

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IT4Kids Foundation

The IT4Kids Foundation is committed to children. The Netherlands is one of the richest countries in the world. Yet over 423,000 children grow up in a family that has to manage with a minimum subsistence. That’s as many as 1 out of 8 children and even 1 out of 4 cities. Many of these children won’t get the opportunity to take part in sports.


IT4Kids believes that every child should participate!


Skills and values such as respect, resilience, working together and coping with loss are learned by participating in sports. These #skills4life are so important in every stage of our lives.


IT4Kids collects used and depreciated hardware and on behalf of the donors donates its value to projects of charities that work with children. Together we create sustainable sports opportunities, so that children develop #skills4life.

€ 614.000

donated through hardware in 2018 


benefiting 6.094

children to sport and participate in games


successfull projects



In an environmentally friendly way your hardware receives a second life or will be recycled according to laws and regulations.



The data on your hardware will be removed and erased irretrievably by our certified partner.


We relieve you of any concerns and pick up the hardware at your office

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