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If you support IT4kids with a donation, then you decide yourself for which charity you would like to help. After your donation, you can communicate with pride that you support IT4Kids and children. You have played an invaluable role in supporting the work we do with and for the children. View our regular charities below.


School judo is a program for primary schools that works on and improves the mental and physical health of children. School Judo works preventively and curatively.

Krajicek foundation

The Kraijcek Foundation helps enable children troubled neighborhoods to play and exercise together close to their home.

Dirk Kuyt Foundation

The Dirk Kuyt Foundation focuses on various adapted sports for people with Parkinson's.From G-football to sailing and from wheelchair tennis to billiards.

FC Utrecht Maatschappelijk 

The Youth Sports Fund offers sports opportunities to children and young people from families who, due to lack of income, can’t afford to become a member of a sports club.

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