Become a donor

Donate hardware. Help children in the Netherlands play and exercise.


Which equipment can I donate?

Laptops, desktops, servers, switches, smartphones, tablets, monitors and Wi-Fi routers. If you have something that’s not in this list, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How many pieces do I have to donate to collect it?

With smaller numbers, the transport and processing costs quickly exceed the value of the donation. That’s why donating only becomes interesting from 10 pieces.

Can I also donate as a private individual?

Yes, this is possible. But we try to use a guideline of at least 10 pieces. Of course, a private individual always has the opportunity to make a financial donation to IT4Kids.

Can I choose a charity myself?

Yes, this is possible. A new goal will be assessed by IT4Kids whether it meets our vision and mission. If we then donate the value of your hardware to a charity other than IT4Kids, we will transfer 70% of the amount to the charity of your choice. 30% benefits IT4Kids for the handling and build-up of reserves. Feel free to contact us about this.

How long does it take to determine the value?

We usually use a lead time of approximately 3 weeks from the moment the hardware is received.

I want to donate money. What benefits does your ANBI status offer?

First of all, the ANBI indicates that the IT4Kids Foundation is bound by a number of conditions, such as:

• We must serve the public interest in our activities.

• We are not profit oriented .

• Employees of the IT4Kids Foundation meet the integrity requirements.

• We publish our annual reports and policy plans publicly every year.


In addition, it is possible to deduct donations to the IT4Kids Foundation from the income tax.

I don't have any hardware, but I want to support your initiative. What options are there?

This is certainly possible. You can do this by volunteering for the IT4Kids Foundation or by making a financial donation.