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Our ambassadors

Michael van Praag

Michael van Praag believes that every child in the Netherlands should be able to exercise. 400,000 children are currently unable to do this. Michael van Praag is committed to IT4Kids, because sports are fun, because you grow physically but also mentally and because by doing sports a child develops confidence and self-esteem.

Dutch sports executive

Loek Hartog 

Loek Hartog is one of the Netherlands' youngest motorsport talents. Loek is part of the Porsche Motorsport Junior program and has experienced like no other how important it is to receive help from others to be able to exercise. "Playing sports creates dreams and goals for children. I owe my dream to people who were committed to me. Together with IT4Kids I work hard to do the same for every child."

Racing driver

Xavier Mous

Xavier is a passionate soccer player. He is a full-time goalkeeper at PEC Zwolle, but also a part-time tax specialist. In addition, he is committed to IT4Kids as an ambassador. "Sports are a very important aspect for a child. On a physical, social and mental level a foundation is laid for the rest of your life. Through sports, a child is given the opportunity to develop in essential areas from an early age.''

Goalkeeper PEC Zwolle

Barbara de Loor

Former skater

As a former speed skater, Barbara de Loor is one of the best Dutch skaters. She knows better than anyone how sports can be beneficial to you. It’s an outlet after a long day. It helps you get mentally fit, like learning how to deal with setbacks. And getting physically fit, so you can also stand your ground. She thinks that all children should be able to play sports, so they can go through life whistling a merry tune. 

Marijn Veen

Hockey player Dutch women’s team

Dutch hockey player Marijn Veen is a proud Ambassador of IT4Kids. Besides hockey, she is crazy about snowboarding, which is why she also supports the Mentelity Foundation, where she challenges people with disabilities through movement and exercise. Marijn wants to inspire all children to play sports. She puts all her energy in IT4Kids, because sports make her happy and that’s something she wishes for everyone.  

Willem Janssen

As a professional footballer, Willem Janssen, captain of FC Utrecht, knows like no other how much fun and especially how important sport is in daily life. Not only is it healthy, but it also contributes to the social development of children. He has been able to make his dream come true and believes that every child should be given the opportunity to make his or her dream come true.

Captain FC Utrecht

Rick Koekoek

Rick already turned our IT4Kids Gala upside down with an impressive show. He is the personification of the trial sport in the Netherlands. Since 2007 he has been in the finals of a world championship in his branch of cycling seven times. Rick believes that every child deserves a sports opportunity. That’s why he is an ambassador for our foundation.

Bike trail champion

Frédérique Matla

Frédérique Matla is a Dutch hockey player who plays as an attacker. As an ambassador for Spieren voor Spieren, she works for more than 20,000 children in the Netherlands who have to live with a muscle disease. She believes that every child in the Netherlands deserves the opportunity to exercise regardless of the financial and physical limitations. She is committed to IT4Kids with a warm heart.

Hockey player Dutch women’s team
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Rutger Schipper


From a backflip to a wall spin, nothing’s too crazy for free runner Rutger Schipper. With his talents, he wants to help others in the Netherlands. Together with FC Utrecht, he helps people in the Utrecht region who need that. And as an Ambassador of IT4Kids, he wants to contribute to giving all children in the Netherlands a sustainable chance at sports, because money should not play a role in order to be able to play sports or not. Everyone should be able to participate! 

Monique Velzeboer

Former Short Track Speed Skating

Former short track star Monique Velzeboer has been an IT4Kids ambassador since September 2020. She gives every child the opportunity to play sports and she hopes that with IT4Kids she can help children discover his or her passion in sports. So that they can find out what makes them happy, that they can feel how nice it is to exercise and experience the pleasure of sports.